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The key to Windows System Security (SAM FILES)…

To hack into any stand alone(when u have no access to system via network) windows system first u have to understand that where does windows keeps it login passwords as it is to be ultimately stored anywhere on harddisk for windows to access it again to verufy via login.

Now the key file of windows where it stores password is named as sam files.These files stores the password in encrypted form so that no one can simply open it and look at the password. Also the sam files are hidden by default so that a user cannot see them

normally. Windows also enforces some additional security to these sam files such as u cannot delete copy cut move etc….the same files …. thus it is impossible to yake out sam files out of a system when windows is on…….

So to hack we know the restrictions that windows enforces on us…. now we can plan out the alternate steps to get the sam files………

Do these actions in steps……..

1) Go to folder option and and check “show hidden files” and also uncheck “hide protected system files”

2) Now go to drive where windoes is installed normally in c drive …. go to c:\windows\system\

here u will find some sam file or u can simply search sam file including search hidden file option.

3) now u have found your sam file….. but cant do anthing to it……….as long as windows in on…

4)so we will now try to boot the system with some other operating system and then try to access the dirctory where sam is stored

5)We can use bartpe builder to make a bootable pendrive windows …….. or we can use linux to boot system……such as slax live bootable cd…NOTE- we need portable os on cd or a pendrive we dont need a bootable windows setup cd….

6)After booting the system go to the directory where sam is present copy the sam files also copy service.sam files to any pendrive or cd……

7) Now u have the protected sam files with u now u can copy these files on other pc …

8) now u have to decrypt or crack these sam files as these sam files are encrypted using NTLM technique ( Windows NT is called so becuase of this NTLM only)

9) Download Lopht crack or Lc5 cracker or cain and albel from oxid.com these all have NTLM crackers…..

10) Run these crackers on Sam files And YUP……. u got the password as well there usernames………

Shortcut Procedure

Download Linux slax with LC5 cracked ………. burn it do a cd the cd automatically becomes bootable…now just put the cd in any system and start it and sit closing ur hands cd will automatically find sam files crack them and show u the passwords with usernames……..


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  1. Ok guys, you appear to be the experts so i have a question for you. I have a computer I cannot acces because i have no login to it. I can however take the computer’s harddrive out and access it with a usb to ide cable and view the contents of the drive from another computer. Since the SAM file i’m attempting to copy isn’t actually the one that windows is using currently (because i’m just accessing the harddrive via usb and its not actually booted up to THAT installation of windows) can i copy the sam files to hack later? Or will i still have to use a linux boot program because my laptop is running windows still.

    To be clear, and revamp I took the harddrive OUT of the computer it was in, and am trying to access the files on it from a different computer, but the different computer is running windows.

    Normally i would just copy and paste the files but it won’t let me because they are set to private so it will only let the administrator of THAT coputer they were taken from copy them, it says access denied. But the windows folder isnt set to private so i was wondering if i could copy the sam files.

    I know this makes no sense. sorry. Does anyone have any answers?

    Comment by Slick_willy | April 17, 2009 | Reply

  2. If i m getting u correct then u r having a harddisk(hd1) with windows installation (os1)of which u don’t have a login. U r connecting this harddisk via usb-ide cable to ur laptop which has itself a harddisk(hd2) with a windows installed(os2) in it. Now when u connect the hardisk(hd1) to ur laptop then at that time ur laptop is running on windows(os2). Now in my computer u can see all partition of hd1. Now u go inside windows folder of os1 . u try to copy sam files but u get access denied this is because windows sam security works like that i.e it protect any sam file either of os2 or not . That is because if i allows u do so then u can copy that sam then u can also paste that sam in os1 which is not allowed thus any os other than windows which does not recognize sam file as secure file will not treat not treat it specially hence u can thus copy cut or paste sam files .

    Easy way out is u install any of these s/w in ur hd2 (laptop)
    Lopht crack or Lc5 cracker or cain and albel from oxid.it

    connect the hd1 to ur laptop and just point the position to sam files in hd1 to the s/w it will crack the login pwd of os1 in few minutes………

    Comment by extremehacking | April 20, 2009 | Reply

  3. sir,i have 1 quetion: SAM file is in the text format so can we shall access this in notepad,why it required Lopht cracker

    Comment by lucky | October 5, 2009 | Reply

  4. The key to Windows System Security (SAM FILES)… .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

    Comment by techwoo | January 10, 2010 | Reply

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